Academic year 2021/2022

Iryna A. Pryhodzich
PhD in Economics

Pushkina Str.,4, office 3305,
225710, Pinsk, Brest region
Tel: +375 165 31-08-87
E-mail : prigodich.i@polessu.by

Ustimchuk Alena Vladimirovna

Pushkina Str.,4, office 3710,
225710, Pinsk, Brest region
Тel: + 375 165 31-08-38


Specialist in the organization and provision of the educational process (retraining)​
Homich Anastasia Romanovna

Pushkina Str., office 3319,
225710, Pinsk, Brest region
Тel/Fax: +375 165 31-08-89


Retraining is carried out at the level of higher education with the issuance of diplomas established by the Ministry of Education with qualifications in the following fields:

  • Banking (qualification “Specialist in banking”) - training period is 15 months or 18 months.
  • Business Administration (qualification “Manager–economist”) - training period is 16 or 20 months.
  • Coaching (indicating sport) (qualification “Training coach”) - training period is 10 or 20 months.
  • Tax and taxation (qualification “Specialist in the sphere of taxation”) - training period is 10 months.
  • Modern foreign language (foreign economic activity) (qualification “Translator-executive assistant”) - training period is 17 months.
  • Accounting and control in business activities (qualification “Accountant-economist”) - training period is 10 months.
  • Tour operator and travel agent activities (qualification “Tourism Product Formation and Sales Manager”) - training period is 20 months.