Scientific and practical direction of the faculty

The Economics and Finance Faculty is conducting research work. Its full-fledged participants are not only the faculty, but also graduate students, undergraduates and students of the faculty.
The faculty successfully operates the industry research laboratory of Financial and Banking Engineering, the staff of the temporary research teams of which carry out serious fundamental and applied developments at the initiative of state bodies. Also, research teams of the faculty have repeatedly been winners of the International Competitions for the support of scientific developments.
Graduate students, undergraduates and students of the Economics and Finance Faculty, who are active in research, are united in the student scientific society, within which they effectively conduct research work, organize conferences, seminars and other scientific events. Link to SSS https://vk.com/snopsu. The student research laboratories operate at the faculty: “Financier”, “Accountant”, “Banker” and “Modeling of Information Processes”, where, under the guidance of talented teachers, students carry out research on the profile specialty. Students of the  Economics and Finance Faculty annually successfully participate in national and international competitions of scientific works.
Every year, international scientific and practical conferences are held at the  Economics and Finance Faculty. For young scientists, the annual spring International Youth Scientific and Practical Conference "The Scientific Potential of Youth to the Future of Belarus" is held. For a more advanced scientific community, a variety of scientific meetings, seminars, panel discussions, round tables, conferences are organized annually, of which the International Scientific and Practical Conference on Banking Economics “Banking System: Sustainability and Development Prospects” is traditional. The most successful research results are published in collections of scientific articles based on university conferences.