1 May (Labour Day)

On May 1, on Labour Day big rallies and marches were held throughout Belarus. They  have become a very valuable tradition for Belarusian people. Polessky State University took part in the street rally of representatives of Pinsk labour collectives.

The united staff of Polessky State University with flags, symbols of the university and air balloons having joined to the column of Pinsk natives started out from Lenin square to Town Recreation and Entertainment Park where the awarding of the representatives of town labour collectives was held.

Activists of the union movement of the primary labour union organization of Polessky State University including the head of the laboratory of "Business center” Anna V. Khomich,  chief bibliographer Svetlana I. Makarevich, manager of academic building №2 Nina I. Samuylik, assistant of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Sergey F. Nevar were presented with certificates of appreciation.

Labour Day is a holiday for all those who worry about tomorrow. The uniqueness and symbolism of the day change as time goes by, however it always unites those who work in the name of their families and motherland.