Polessky State University is a research type university!

On February 19, 2021, branch laboratories of the Healthy Way of Life Organization Faculty  - branch laboratory "Longitudinal studies" and branch laboratory "Scientific-methodological and medical-biological support in Olympic sports" were visited by Jury N. Derkach, the member of the Council of the Republic of Belarus National Assembly, Doctor of medical sciences, professor Yury Derkach was at the origins of formation of the Faculty of Organization of Healthy Way of Life, he had the idea to create the faculty which purpose will be to train the specialists who have serious knowledge not just in the sphere of physical training and sports, but also in medicine to contrast traditional graduates of physical training faculties. In 2006, Yury N. Derkach, being the vice-rector for scientific work at Polessky State University, was one of the initiators and ideological inspirers of creating the scientific-research laboratory, where sport genetics became the most important area of development.
Tatiana  Lebed, Head of BL Longitudinal Research, showed the guest the main activities and technological capabilities of the laboratory at present. It was the laboratory that in May 2020, according to the order of the Minister of Health took an active part in the fight against coronavirus infection by launching PCR-diagnostics of the virus in Pinsk, Luninets and Stolin districts of Brest region. The laboratory was ranked 3rd in Belarus, giving the position up to two large laboratories in Minsk. Yury Nikolayevich got acquainted with the research in the sphere of physical education and sport carried out by the specialists of the Department of Healthy Lifestyle Organization, noted good material and technical base of the branch laboratories and competent specialists, who were able to realize all aims and objectives which were set creating the Polessky State University as a research type university.
For 15 years of existence PolesSU has grown, new faculties have been opened. Despite the status of the youngest university in the republic, it is distinguished by experienced, correctly selected personnel and is able to provide not only scientific support of the projects in various directions, but also training specialists of a new format. It was noted that the university is ready to promote fruitful ideas in the region's and country's economy, develop business initiatives and provide employment.