Council for the Development of the Qualifications System and the International Scientific and Practical Conference on the basis of the "Resource Center EcoTechnoPark - Volma"

On October 7, a set of events was held on the basis of the branch of the educational institution "Republican Institute of Vocational Education" "Resource Center EcoTechnoPark - Volma": a field meeting of the Interdepartmental Council for the Development of the Qualifications System; international scientific and practical conference "Actual problems and trends in the development of science, education and production in the context of digitalization". The Minister of Education Andrei Ivanovich Ivanets and the Minister of Labor and Social Protection Irina Anatolyevna Kostevich acted as co-chairs. The meetings were attended by representatives of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Architecture and Construction, the Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities, the National Academy of Sciences, the State Property Committee, state industrial concerns. Before the start of the events, the training opportunities of the RIPO branch "EcoTechnoPark-Volma Resource Center" were presented, created to increase functional literacy and environmental awareness of various categories of the population, to provide sectors of the socio-economic complex with highly qualified specialists in the fields of digital solutions, energy, energy efficiency, ecology, application and dissemination of green technologies. As part of the work of the Council on the development of the qualifications system, the participants discussed the development of the National Qualifications System; development of educational standards based on professional ones; prospects for the development of new qualifications; approaches to independent evaluation and certification of qualifications. At the plenary session of the conference "Actual problems and trends in the development of science, education and production in the context of digitalization", a project of the Polessky State University aimed at the intellectualization and digitalization of technological processes of industrial aquaculture was presented (developers: Director of Technopark Polesie Kozyr A.V., Vice-Rector for  scientific affairs  Shtepa V.N., head of the UNL "Engineering Center" Yarmosh V.V., undergraduate Shikunets A.B.). The work of the scientists of Polessky State University aroused practical interest among the audience, especially representatives of the real sector of the economy. Summing up the events held, the organizers and participants stated the need for a more active dissemination of the practice of creating profile (specialized) resource centers in the regions of the country, taking into account regional specifics and opportunities.