Participation of Polessky State University in the Belarusian Energy and Environmental Forum

From October 11 to October 14, 2022, the traditional XXVI Belarusian Energy and Environmental Forum was held in Minsk. The event was organized by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Belarus. The Energy and Environmental Forum is a popular international platform for discussing energy efficiency issues, exchanging professional knowledge and experience, strengthening and developing cooperation in the field of environmental safety. On its margins, a section of scientific and technical developments was presented, where 115 scientific and technical solutions of organizations of the Ministry of Education, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, INK-TECHNOLOGIES LLC were presented. Within the framework of the forum, international specialized exhibitions were held: “Energy. Ecology. Energy saving. Electro”, “Oil&Gas Technologies”, “Atomexpo-Belarus”, “ExpoSvet”, “Water and Air Technologies”, “ExpoGorod”. On October 13, 2022, a round table "Training and advanced training of engineering personnel" was organized in the context of effective energy and environmental management. The program was moderated by Olga Filippovna, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Republic of Belarus, Prudnikova. Among the reports of higher educational institutions and other institutions that specialize in the training of power engineers, the material of the Polessky State University “Practical aspects of the need to universalize the training of technologists of water supply and sewerage facilities” stood out, which substantiated the expediency of strengthening the IT component in the training of specialists who are responsible for quality the passage of technological processes, on the example of specialists working at biological treatment facilities. As part of summing up the results of the round table, proposals were developed for the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Energy in the context of practical needs in the profiling of the educational process of power engineers and process engineers.