A day of informing with the participation of the Assistant to the President-inspector for the Brest region Vakulchik V.P.

On October 20, the Unified Awareness Day was held at the Polessky State University, in which Valery Pavlovich Vakulchik, Assistant to the President, Inspector for the Brest Region, took part. He met with students and staff of the university and discussed issues related to the socio-economic development of the country and the region. The meeting was also attended by Rector Dunay Valery Ivanovich, Deputy Chairman of the Pinsk City Executive Committee Novak Nikolai Viktorovich, Head of the Department for Ideological Work and Youth Affairs of the Pinsk City Executive Committee Kulak Valentina Nikolaevna. The main issues on the agenda are: “Food security of the Republic of Belarus in the context of economic sanctions. Import substitution as a national project and a comprehensive strategy for the development of the economy” and “On work in the field of import substitution in the Brest region”. An open conversation took place with the faculty and students, during which those who  could share their opinions and get answers to their questions.