The youth law enforcement squad of Polessky State University "BASTION" is the winner of the regional sports contest for participants in the Youth law enforcement squads "Academy of Courage - 2022"

 On October 27-28, 2022, in the city of Baranovichi, a regional sports contest was held for participants in the Youth Law Enforcement Units "Academy of Courage - 2022". Fighters of youth law enforcement units of higher education institutions of the Brest region took part in the Games. The guys competed in various nominations: a blitz tournament, a business card competition  “Who is my hero”, shuttle running, pull-ups on the bar and volleyball competitions. The winner of the competition was determined by the results of each competition. Team "Bastion" of Polessky State University won the first place! The team included: Evgeny Krishtal, Ilya Kredikov, Dmitry Petrukovich, Evgeny Gurkov, Artyom Litvin, Pavel Snitko, Maxim Shabatko, Daniil Shevlyakov, Nikita Lomets, Ilya Shumilo.