XIII International Scientific and Practical Conference "Banking System: Sustainability and Development Prospects"

On October 28, the XIII International Scientific and Practical Conference "Banking System: Sustainability and Prospects for Development" was held at the Polessky State University. Participation in the conference provides an opportunity to popularize scientific knowledge in the banking and financial sector, strengthen ties between the Faculty of Economics and Finance and the banking sector of the economy of Belarus, gain foreign experience and strengthen cooperation between world scientific communities. The Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Olga Alexandrovna Zolotareva, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor, delivered a welcoming speech. Leyla Aivarovna Gamidullaeva, the Head of the Department of Marketing, Commerce and Services, Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Penza State University" made presentations at the plenary session. Topic of the report: Implementation of cluster policy in Russia: the role of the factor of regional specialization. Vasilevsky Anton Vasilyevich, the Head of the Department of Strategic Development and Marketing of  "ASB Belarusbank", Candidate of Economics. Topic of the report: Strategic development of  "ASB Belarusbank" in modern realities. Barsukov Maxim Vasilyevich, the Head of the Department of Finance and Credit, Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor of Kursk State University. Topic of the report: Overview of the retail lending sector of Russian banks in modern conditions. Kievych Alexander Vladimirovich, Professor of the Department of Financial Management, Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Educational Establishment "Polessky State University". Topic: Unmanaged US public debt as the main indicator of increasing turbulence and global uncertainty. Kozlov Vadim Anatolyevich, director of the KartCentre of Belinvestbank . Topic of the report: The use of electronic money by JSC "Belinvestbank" on the example of the Oplati™ service. Foreign colleagues took part in the online conference, which did not prevent the exchange of views, constructive scientific discussion, the birth of new ideas and plans for their implementation. Thanks to the dual format, over 120 people were able to take part in the conference. After the end of the plenary session, the discussion of the issues raised was continued within the framework of 4 sections: 1. Modern trends in the development of the financial and banking economy. 2. Accounting, analysis, audit: modernity and development prospects. 3. Questions of linguistics and methods of professionally oriented teaching of foreign languages ​​in the preparation of specialists in economics, finance and banking. 4. Topical issues of economics, management and marketing.