Participation of Polessky State University in the exhibition of scientific and technological achievements "Intellectual Belarus"

On March 23-26, 2023, an important event of a republican scale was held in Brest - an exhibition of scientific and technological achievements "Intellectual Belarus". Educational institutions, structures of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, research public and private organizations of the country, technology parks that are engaged in scientific research demonstrated their developments. The main goals are to demonstrate the latest solutions of Belarusian scientists and students, to promote the achievements of science, aimed at a wide audience of representatives of all strata of Belarusian society. At the same time, the exposition is organized according to the cluster principle, which involves the unification and logical connection of large thematic blocks developed in Belarus and the most relevant at the present time:

Artificial Intelligence. IT technologies.

Robotics. Industry 4.0. Innovative instrumentation.

Defensiveness. Military science.

Agro-industrial complex. Food.


Ecology. Nature management.

Pharmacy. Medicine. Healthcare.

Space for youth initiatives. Socio-humanitarian sciences.

More than 130 enterprises and organizations of Belarus took part in it in Brest; over 400 exhibits were shown. Polessky State University and the subject of innovation infrastructure Technopark «Polesie» became active participants in the event. Our scientists demonstrated the developments related to the implementation of the brand project of the university - "Innovative-industrial cluster in the field of biotechnology and green economy". Among them: organic waste processing technologies using black soldier fly larvae, solutions in the field of using VR and IT-oriented equipment in biomedical research, DNA and cell technologies in crop production, digitalization systems for water supply and sewerage facilities, Polessky virtual IT Campus region and a number of scientific and methodological developments of all faculties of Polessky State University. The projects of our scientists received a lot of positive feedback from visitors to the exhibition stands of the university, including positive assessments were expressed by: Chairman of the Brest Regional Executive Committee SHULEYKO Yuri Vitoldovich, Deputy Chairman of the Brest Regional Executive Committee GORODETSKII Dmitry Nikolaevich, Head of the Science and Innovation Department of the Ministry of Education PEKUTKO Petr Nikolaevich , First Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences CHIZH Sergei Antonovich, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology STOLYAROVA Tatyana Georgievna. Students of Polessky State University also showed interest in the exhibition - about a hundred people from the student youth of Polessky State University saw with their own eyes the innovative solutions of Belarusian developers. Participation in the exhibition of scientific and technological achievements "Intellectual Belarus" allowed the representatives of our university to improve cooperation ties with the real sectors of the economy and fellow scientists from other organizations in the country, which can potentially transform into both fundamental and practice-oriented projects. At the same time, Polessky State University was awarded a diploma of the Brest Regional Executive Committee for the organizational support of the event.