International gathering of volunteers of the All-Russian Public Organization for Support of Presidential Initiatives in the Field of Health Saving

Volunteers of the Polessky State University Ksenia Artemchik, Faina Aderikho and Anna Kopat, head of the Volunteer Center Polessky State University Yarovich Oksana Nikolaevna became participants in the International Gathering of Volunteers of the All-Russian Public Organization for Supporting Presidential Initiatives in the Field of Health Saving the Nation "Common Cause" - "Source Code", which took place from 15 to May 18 in the city of Moscow. 120 volunteers from 28 regions of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Armenia went through the training program of the Gathering and united to share the experience of their achievements and plan further activities aimed at preserving the health of the younger generation, and also presented projects on the topic “Formula of a 21st Century Man” . The program of the Gathering included practice-oriented training sessions, presentations of programs, social projects for the development of volunteering in the regions of the Russian Federation, round tables, lectures, master classes, discussions, sporting events and competitions, meetings with international and federal experts, the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Central Federal District, representatives of the Governments of the Russian Federation, members of the government of the Moscow Region, other guests of honor, as well as cultural, leisure and other events. For three days, volunteers attended trainings and seminars by leading experts in the field of psychology and personal development. At the rally, volunteers discussed such topics as: "Social Design", "Demographic Problems", "Rules of Leadership", "Healthy Emotions", and then continued to work on topics in their teams together with curators. Team leaders worked with experts on the following topics: "Modern approaches to education", "Psychology of resource states", "Mentoring", "Age psychology", "Motivation", "Destructive content in social networks and instant messengers". Communicating with the experts of the "Common Cause", teachers studied modern methods of prevention, shared their experience and discussed the topic of volunteerism and the role of a teacher in it. The work of this event revealed the potential for creating new projects that will make it possible to more effectively integrate the materials of the organization in the educational environment and improve the quality of the entire educational process. And, of course, there was an unforgettable tour of the city of Moscow. Our delegation honored those who died during the Great Patriotic War at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, visited the Alley of Hero Cities, Red Square and the historical center of the city.