Master students from China are the first group to get a degree in English at the university

At the Faculty of Economics and Finance, undergraduates are recruited in two English-language programs: "Economics" and "Marketing". 31 Chinese citizens have already joined the ranks of undergraduates in the specialty "Economics".

Modern processes of unification, globalization and integration constantly challenge all institutions. Educational institutions are no exception. Polessky State University responds flexibly to the transformation of the educational sphere and not only successfully consolidates education, science, innovation and technology, but also pays great attention to international cooperation through the development and implementation of unique educational programs in English.

The non-triviality of the English-language program in the specialty "Economics" is its adaptability to the specifics of the Chinese economy. The educational process of the program will be implemented by the teaching staff, which is formed from representatives of various scientific schools – Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, who are adherents of various economic theories: from mercantilism to monetarism.

Chinese citizens will be able to increase their knowledge in the economy not only on the basis of classical textbooks and treatises, but mainly on an information platform that meets modern world realities. During the training, undergraduates will get acquainted and gradually explore the innovative developments of the university's technological platform, which are focused on the formation of one of the drivers of the country's economic growth – an intellectualized ecosystem.

Writing Master's theses will allow undergraduates to combine the knowledge gained in the Republic of Belarus with the knowledge gained in China, and the achieved synergistic effect will serve as one of the factors of economic development of our countries.

We wish success to our friends from China!