DUALBEL "Promoting the Development of Dual Education in Belarusian Higher Education"

In 2020, Polessky State University joined the international team for the development, introduction and implementation of the concept of dual education in the Republic of Belarus. The basic principle of the dual education system is that the student, on the one hand, receives education in an educational organization, and on the other – at a training enterprise, where the necessary practical skills are developed for this production.

On February 17-18, 2021, the launch meeting of the DUALBEL project "Promoting the development of Dual Education in Belarusian Higher Education" was held in an online format. During the meeting, presentations were made by all the project partners, and the project itself was presented by Dr. Guido Kaufmann (Germany), who has extensive experience in implementing international projects.

During the meeting, foreign experts shared their interesting experience in organizing dual education in their countries (Germany, Latvia, Finland, Slovakia). Consultations were also held for project partners on project administration.