Grand finale of the republican youth project “100 ideas for Belarus”

 On March 21, 2024, the grand finale of the 13th season of the republican youth project “100 ideas for Belarus” took place at the National Children's Technopark. More than 500 people took part in the event. More than 1,300 applications were received this year to participate in the republican youth project “100 Ideas for Belarus”. The exhibition presented more than 170 original projects of the winners of regional, Minsk city qualifying rounds, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and multi-stage selections of the Ministry of Education in such nominations as “Energy, including nuclear energy, and energy efficiency”, “Agricultural technologies and farming”, “Industrial and construction technologies”, “Healthcare (medical technologies, pharmacy, bio- and nanoindustry)”, “Chemical technologies, petrochemistry”, “ Information and communication technologies”, “Ecology (rational environmental management and deep processing of natural resources)”, “National security and protection from emergency situations”, “Society and social sphere”, “Best business idea”.

In the nomination “Best Business Idea”, Polesskyie State University presented the project “Crack the Apples”, authors and developers: students of the Faculty of Engineering German Diana Ruslanovna, Martynchuk Angelina Nikolaevna, Lasotskaya Daria Leonidovna; and the project “LavenderVita”, authors-developers: students of the Faculty of Biotechnology Anna Aleksandrovna Lozitskaya, Dmitry Vadimovich Karpik and students of the Faculty of Economics and Finance Maria Dmitrievna Gaiduk, Anastasia Sergeevna Kolesnichenko.

During the event, a special “Implemented” section was also organized with the developments of participants in previous seasons of “100 Ideas for Belarus”. They have already been introduced into the real sector of the economy. The finalists' developments were evaluated by a republican expert council. It included representatives of relevant ministries, departments, organizations and enterprises. Based on the results of the 13th season, the expert council identified 30 winners, whose developments will receive support and funding.

The record number of winners is due to changes made by the organizers to the regulations of the project “100 Ideas for Belarus” in terms of the age categories of participants (the first group is students of institutions of general secondary, vocational and secondary special education; the second is students, cadets and the third group is working youth , young scientists, representatives of institutions, organizations subordinate to the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus).