Tatiana Lebed – nominee in "Person of the Year of Brest region" contest in the field of healthcare

There is a great tradition in Belarus to annually award the high and honorable title of "Person of the Year of Brest Region" to the most honored people. Tatiana Lebed, an experienced, qualified specialist and talented manager, who is the head of BL "Longitudinal Research" of Polessky State University, was nominated for the title in the field of healthcare.

She graduated with honors from Pinsk Secondary School No. 16. and then entered the Belarusian State University at the Faculty of Chemistry. She graduated with certificate of honor as a chemical analyst, chemist-pharmacist in 2005.

To date, T. L. Lebed is the responsible executor of two research projects funded by the Brest Regional Executive Committee, which are:

“Development and implementation of methodology for early diagnosis and prevention of nephrological complications in patients with type II Diabetes, based on molecular genetic analysis.”

“Development and implementation of method for correcting disorders of bone metabolism in athletes of junior and youth age on the basis of optimizing the results of a comprehensive interdisciplinary examination".

Tatiana Lebed shares her experience not only with Belarusian, but also with foreign colleagues. Thus, in July 2018, she took part in the academic mobility program in English “2018 Seminar on Medical Equipment and Technical Cooperation for Developing Countries”, organized by the People's Republic of China. During the visit, the Chinese side familiarized the Belarusian colleagues with the material and technical infrastructure of clinics and biotechnological laboratories. T. Lebed studied the development of new simple methods and devices that allow rapid analysis of complex mixtures of biologically active compounds in environmental objects and biological fluids. This group of analytical methods is often combined under equivalent names, such as “Point-of-Care Tests” (POC), Doctor's Office Tests, Membrane Tests etc.

Based on the internship experience, the SelexOn biochemical analyzer was introduced into OLLI's activities, which allows to determine biochemical and hormonal markers within 10 minutes. Previously, such diagnostics were performed within 3 to 4 hours.

Under the guidance of Tatiana Lebed, from 2012 to 2020, more than 15 research projects were submitted to the BRFFR competition. Five of them were successfully implemented:

1. “Development of diagnostic panels of molecular markers for professional selection”.

2. “Study of the prevalence of drug addiction predisposition genes in the Polesie population”.

3. “Assessment of the role of xenobiotic detoxification genes in the development of environmentally dependent pathology in children”.

4. “Assessment of the role of PPARs family genes in the development of reproductive disorders in women”.

5.      Genetic profile of the dopamine system in the context of drug addiction.

It is worth noting that the branch laboratory of Longitudinal Research has mastered the format of the Mobile Laboratory, where the employees go to work at industrial enterprises in Pinsk. This type of work allows to keep the workers engaged in the production process and at the same time, to have their health examined.

In May 2020, according to the instruction of the Minister of Health, the branch laboratory of Longitudinal Research, headed by T. L. Lebed, was established. She took an active part in the fight against coronavirus infection, launching PCR diagnostics of the virus in the Pinsk region.

Thanks to Tatiana Lebed, the work of the branch laboratory was organized as efficiently as possible and took the 3rd place in the Republic of Belarus in terms of research productivity, after two large laboratories in Minsk.

We wish Tatiana Leonidovna health, success, new interesting ideas and scientific achievements!