Watching and discussing the investigative film "Children in the Crosshairs: Recruited by the Enemy"

On May 20, the student groups of the Faculty of Biotechnology continued watching and discussing the investigative film "Children in the Crosshairs: Recruited by the enemy" with the participation of Deputy Head of the Pinsk Interdistrict Department of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus, Lieutenant Colonel of Justice Alexey Sergeevich Vechorko and Vice-rector for Educational Work Olga Anatolyevna Khmel.

The film is based on the real stories of Belarusian teenagers. The film tells how employees of the Ukrainian special services recruit children and teenagers in various ways and manipulations to organize sabotage and terrorist activities on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The film fully reveals the topic of the danger of illegal behavior manifested in acts of terrorism and extremism.

After watching the film, students and teachers actively shared their impressions, no one remained indifferent. It was noticeable that the film caused everyone to think deeply and made them think about important life issues.

Pavel Leonov, a student of the 21NPD-1 group, shared his opinion: "The theme presented in the film is relevant today for both schoolchildren and young people of our age. As practice shows, modern youth spends most of their time on social networks, and it is there that a lot of different and unreliable information is presented. We are very glad that we have the opportunity to attend events of this level, where invited guests tell us how to protect themselves, their loved ones, to be a decent citizen and patriot of their country."

Alexey Sergeevich told the young people about the responsibility for illegal behavior. During the conversation, he revealed the concepts of extremism, extremist activity and extremist materials, spoke about the measures of administrative and criminal liability provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus for organizing and participating in extremist activities. He told how "cybercriminals" deceive gullible citizens, how to secure and protect their data from unauthorized actions, how not to fall for the tricks of criminals.

The Faculty of Economics and Finance also continued to watch and discuss the investigative film "Children in the Crosshairs: Recruited by the Enemy". The event was attended by the head of the Department for combating cybercrime of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Pinsk City Executive Committee, police Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Ivanovich Yaromchik. Dmitry Ivanovich stressed that the film shows how young people get into terrorist groups, warns that no one will be able to hide their tracks. The punishment is severe, with no allowances for age and ignorance of the law. Daria Storta, a student of the Faculty of Economics and Finance, shared her opinion: "Watching the film "Children in sight. Recruited by the enemy" made me and, I think, each of us, think about a lot. Behind every story told in the film, there are destinies broken at a young age. We are grateful that such documentaries are being created in our country, as they make us think about our future."

Dmitry Yatsyk, a student at the Faculty of Economics and Finance: "It is worth noting that at the VII All-Belarusian People's Assembly, Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko stressed that recruitment activities in Belarus continue to this day. That is why it is important to know and understand the situation. Thanks to the investigative film, there is an opportunity to remind everyone once again of responsibility for the offenses committed." Dmitry Ivanovich reminded the students about cybercrimes taking place in our country, their types and methods of protection. The police lieutenant colonel did not ignore the topic of compliance with traffic rules, stressed that not only administrative, but also criminal liability is provided for driving a vehicle without a license.

Watching the investigative film and discussing real stories made a deep impression on the students and made them once again think about their life and civic position.