March 15 - Constitution Day of the Republic of Belarus

The Constitution Day of the Republic of Belarus is celebrated annually on March 15, since the First Constitution of the Sovereign Belarus was adopted on this day in 1994. The Constitution is the basic law of any state. In all aspects, the Belarusian Constitution is the one of a developed and free Europeab society. Based on the principle of the rule of law, a clear division of the branches of power, a variety of political institutions, ideological views, it reflects the experience of constitutional construction of advanced countries of the world, clearly and consistently sets out the basic universal values. The first Constitution of the Socialist Soviet Republic of Belarus, imbued with the idea of the dictatorship of the proletariat, was adopted at the First Congress of Soviets of Belarus on February 3, 1919. The second Constitution of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic was approved on April 11, 1927 at the VIII All-Belarusian Congress of Soviets. It defined the limits and possibilities of legislative activity of the highest and central state authorities. The Constitution of the BSSR of February 19, 1937, fully corresponded to the Constitution of the USSR of 1936, which proclaimed that all power in the BSSR belongs to the workers of the city and village in the person of the Soviets of Workers Deputies. In the Constitution of the BSSR of 1978, the system of state authorities and administration remained the same. The Supreme Soviet of the BSSR became authorized to resolve all issues referred by the Constitution of the USSR and this Constitution to the jurisdiction of the BSSR and the exclusive competence of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic was determined. The Constitution of the sovereign Republic of Belarus was adopted on March 15, 1994, by the Supreme Council. In the future, amendments and additions to the Constitution were made three times (always by referendum). The only source of state power and the bearer of sovereignty is the people of the Republic of Belarus, who exercise their power directly through representative and other individuals. The rule of law is established in Belarus. State power in the country is divided into legislative, executive and judicial branches. The Constitution establishes the constitutional system as, the foundations of the state and society, the position of the individual in the society, the basic rights, freedoms and duties of citizens, the principles of the electoral system, the procedure for forming state bodies, their competence and interaction and the financial and credit system. The Constitution of the Republic of Belarus consists of a preamble with nine sections, eight chapters and 146 articles. Article I states that the Republic of Belarus is a unitary democratic social and legal state that has full power on its territory and independently implements domestic and foreign policy. The highest value of society and the state is a person. The legal status, guarantees and forms of protection of citizens, the range of their rights and freedoms, the foundations of the constitutional system of the country are defined. The priority of the generally recognized principles of international law is recognized. The state regulates relations between social, national and other communities on the basis of the principles of equality before the law, respect for rights and interests, is responsible for the preservation of historical and cultural heritage, right of free development of cultures of all national communities living in Belarus. Equality before the law of all religions and faiths is ensured. A separate chapter of the Constitution is devoted to the electoral system of the State. The Basic Law defines the duties and powers of the court and the Prosecutor's Office. The last section of the Constitution regulates the procedure for its operation and making changes to it. By the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 157 of March 26, 1998, the Constitution Day of the Republic of Belarus is established as a state holiday, however it is a working day.