Self-governance day dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the university

     Student government day this year coincided with the 15th anniversary of the university. In a solemn ceremony, the rector of the Polesie State University and heads of faculties were handed over to the most responsible and committed students.   Thus, on April 5, Stanislav Kosko, a student of the Faculty of Engineering, will take over the duties of the rector V. Dunay, vice-rector for academic work Olga A. Zolotareva - Aleksandra Kovalevych, a student of the Faculty of Biotechnology; Nickolay H. Kruchinsky, vice-rector for scientific work; Maria Kozel, a student of the Faculty of Biotechnology; Valentina Yu. Druk , vice-rector; Nikita Litvinchuk, a student of the Faculty of Economics and Finance. The authority of the deans was temporarily transferred to the most active students of the faculty. All the understudies prepared for the day with responsibility: they studied the job description and got advice. Each understudy felt the weight of responsibility on their shoulders, solving the most important issues for the life of the university in the role of rector, vice-rectors and deans.  Everyone felt that the work of university administration requires great preparation and responsibility.

    The Self-Government Day united all students into one united university family!