Faculty structure

  • ​Department of biotechnology;
  • Department of biochemistry and bioinformatics;
  • Training experimental site;
  • DNA and cell technology industry laboratory in crop production and animal husbandry;
  • Industry laboratory "Innovative technologies in the agricultural sector";
  • Student council

The faculty is represented by 30 employees, including 11 employees with a degree:
Doctors of Biological Sciences - 2,
candidate of biological sciences - 7,
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences - 2

Scientific and practical direction of the faculty

The main directions of research activity of the faculty:

  •  DNA Technology in animal husbandry;

  • DNA technology in crop production;

  • cell technologies (humans and animals): the cultivation of cells and tissues, the production of biologically active substances;

  • cell technologies (microorganisms): the cultivation of cells and tissues, the production of biologically active substances;


The Economics and Finance Faculty trains specialists on the 1st stage of higher education in the following specialties:

  • Finance and Credit;
  • Accounting, analysis and audit in industry;
  • Linguistic support of intercultural communications (foreign economic relations);
  • Economics and enterprise management;
  • Marketing;
  • Business administration;
  • Management (in the field of international tourism);
  • Economics (financial and banking).

Faculty structure

  • Department of Banking and Financial Markets, including

          -  Laboratory "Training Bank"
          -  Branch of the Department on the basis of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus

Scientific and practical direction of the faculty

The Economics and Finance Faculty is conducting research work. Its full-fledged participants are not only the faculty, but also graduate students, undergraduates and students of the faculty.
The faculty successfully operates the industry research laboratory of Financial and Banking Engineering, the staff of the temporary research teams of which carry out serious fundamental and applied developments at the initiative of state bodies. Also, research teams of the faculty have repeatedly been winners of the International Competitions for the support of scientific developments.


Academic year 2021/2022

Training courses

offers the following educational programs:

Training course – an educational program aimed at meeting students’ educational needs in a particular field of professional knowledge. On completion students get University Certificate.

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